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This is MolecularGeek.com, the website of Andrew Fant, a chemist and data nerd.


I make a living from doing science-y things. However, not all the science I do is done for an employeer. Some of my self-supported work is here.

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I used to make a living doing IT, and I still depend on computers to make a living. I also have strong feelings about how computers ought to work. Reference and opinion on computing things is here.

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A Roaming Moose

My wife and I adopted MüssMüss, a pygmy moose wearing a red Finland sweater, off the docks in Helsinki during our honeymoon. He loves to travel and have new experiences. We document some of his exploits here.

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About Andrew (A.K.A MolecularGeek)

I am a computational chemical biologist whose research focuses on developing and applying new methods for describing the effects of exogenous small molecules in biological systems. After a multiple year career spanning government, industry, and academia, I returned to graduate school and completed my doctorate in pharmaceutical sciences. My research combines aspects of computational chemistry, bioinformatics, machine learning, pharmacology, and computer science, and falls somewhere on the cheminformatics/computational biology interface. I have worked in computational toxicology, gene expression analysis, chemogenomics, and protein-protein interactions. Currently, I am fascinated by the phenomenon of human consciousness and the biochemical interactions which underlie it, but the prospect of using computational technologies to deconvolve almost any complex biological phenomena excites me.

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